Conditional optimism can offer just the boost you need: Tracy Brower

"Conditional optimism can offer just the boost you need."

That's what Dr Tracy Brower advocates in her article "Optimism is good for your career and your health—but not all optimism is the same"

Tracy explains, " So, the power of optimism is clear, but optimism may be different than you assume. There are two kinds of optimism and one is more impactful than the other. Complacent optimism is when you wait for good things to happen. You are hopeful and believe they will occur, but you are more passive overall. On the other hand, conditional optimism is when you take action to create something better in the future.

"Conditional optimism is also related to a growth mindset in which you believe you can learn, improve and grow—rather than believing your capabilities are set or static. Conditional optimism, including a growth mindset, tend to be more empowering and more associated with happiness and fulfillment, because they reinforce the control you have about how things go. Taking a conditionally-optimistic approach can keep you motivated to try new things and persevere to find solutions to tough problems."


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