The Optimist Heart: Caroline Ward & Deepa Patel at Centre for Optimism

In this episode, Caroline Ward sits with UK-based Deepa Patel, a global change-maker, facilitator, spiritual leader, and aspirant within the Sufi tradition.



The Optimist Heart: The Idea

If you are someone who dreams of having a greater positive impact in your own life and in the world, then you will definitely want to become more connected to the invincible power of your Optimist Heart.

In these times of great uncertainty and upheaval, there is an ever-increasing need to be able to rely on our own strength and inner resources. It is also important to find our tribe, carefully curating a community that makes us know that anything is possible; people with whom we want to co-create the future.  

The Centre for Optimism is a community that attracts great minds and big hearts from around the globe, people open and willing to share their learnings from successes and from apparent failures – a diverse group of unique humans, making the impossible possible.

As part of this platform of realistic and infectious optimism, Caroline Ward held a space that we called The Optimist Heart.

We all know that if our hearts give up hope - and they can from time to time can't they? - then it doesn’t matter what we think or how great the vision is for the future, there just isn’t the fuel to keep going. But on the other hand, when our hearts feel strong, buoyant and enthusiastic, life feels great and everything flows. Circumstances may even be the same, but the way we move through them is entirely transformed. Spending time with others who choose to look after their inspiration and optimism just makes sense. 



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