Nicola Sturgeon Makes the Case for Optimism

In an inspiring speech at the Scottish National Party Conference 2022 Nicola Sturgeon said, "Today I will also make the case for optimism for not just accepting the world as it is but turning our minds and our hearts instead to building a stronger Scotland and playing our part in building a better fairer world.   The optimism that a better world is possible is inspired for me by the bravery of those who endure the toughest of times and at home by the knowledge that this beautiful magnificent country of ours is bursting with talent creativity and ingenuity..."

"Our case for Hope and optimism rests above all on our common humanity, compassion, solidarity and love.  These values sustained Us in the darkest days of the pandemic they must drive us forward now those fighting across the globe for democracy, equality and human dignity must hear that they are not alone so let the message go out from us to everyone across the world standing up against tyranny and depression we stand with you,  To women in Iran fighting for basic human rights we stand with you.  To girls in Afghanistan demanding the right to go to school, we stand with you. To men and women risking their lives in opposition to Putin in Russia or his sidekick in Belarus, we stand with you.  And to the people of Ukraine fighting for your very existence, we stand with..."
"My friends the period ahead will see some of the greatest challenges our country has faced in many years but a great opportunity is also in sight; an opportunity to win and build the better future we know is possible; a better future as an independent nation welcoming diverse full of love and compassion. 
"In these tough times let us Inspire with hope in our hearts let us lift our eyes put our shoulders to the wheel and build a better future for this and generations to come.   Friends with optimism, confidence and determination we can now finish the job and we will. Thank you."


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