In his Song "Chardi Kala", Sonny Singh Spreads Eternal Optimism and Joy

"Live in eternal optimism, with ever-rising spirits.  Shout aloud in ecstasy, true is the great timeless One Nanak, with Naam (Name) comes eternal optimism, and with your blessings, peace and well-being for everyone."

So sings Sonny Singh in Chardi Kala.


Writing about the song "Chardi Kala", Daryn McElroy wrote, "A fundamental Sikh principle, Chardi Kala — which literally translates to "positive attitude" — is an aspiration of maintaining a constant state of joy even in a period of adversity. It's a way of living Punjabi musician Sonny Singh has incorporated into his everyday life, but also hopes to share with the world through his album titled after the concept."

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