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Paul Yore on Dolly Parton and Why he’s ultimately an Optimist

Editor at Art Guide Australia, Tiarney Miekus interviewed Paul Yore ahead of his solo show at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Tiarney asked, "I love the title of your installation “IT’S ALL WRONG, BUT IT’S ALRIGHT”. But is it all wrong? And is it alright?"

Paul answered, "I borrowed the title from the inimitable Dolly Parton. One of the things I most like about Dolly is her irrepressible optimism. I have often said I am philosophically a pessimist, and I do indeed think there are certain limitations in the human animal that exclude us from the realms of true rationality, justice, good, etc. Having said all that, I don’t think I could be an artist if I didn’t believe there was some higher aspiration for people than the miserable drudgery that seems to characterise everyday life within techno-industrial capitalist societies."

Read the full interview: Paul Yore on beauty, cooking and chaos—and why he’s ultimately an optimist



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