Sky-High Optimism

What is "Sky-high Optimism"?  I spotted it as a headline in a student newspaper.

I asked ChatGPT for its take:

"Sky-High Optimism" is a term used to describe an extremely positive outlook on life and the future. The term conveys a sense of boundless positivity as if one's optimism has no limits or bounds.

The origins of the term "Sky-High Optimism" are unclear, but it has been used in various contexts to describe extreme optimism. For example, in a 2015 article in the Guardian, the author describes the attitude of Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs as one of "sky-high optimism," noting their belief in the power of technology to solve virtually any problem.

Similarly, in a 2019 article in Forbes, the author uses the term "sky-high optimism" to describe the mindset of entrepreneurs who are launching new ventures in the face of significant challenges. The author notes that these individuals are "unwavering in their belief that their vision will come to fruition," despite the many obstacles they face.

While sky-high optimism can be a powerful mindset that drives individuals to achieve their goals and overcome challenges, it can also be a source of unrealistic expectations and disappointment. As the Guardian article notes, "sky-high optimism can be a double-edged sword," and it is important to maintain a balance between positivity and realism.

Overall, the term "sky-high optimism" captures the idea of extreme positivity and unwavering belief in the future. While it may have its drawbacks, it can also be a powerful motivator and source of inspiration for individuals who are striving to achieve their goals and make a positive impact on the world.

Uses of the Term "Sky-High Optimism"

"Early ventures marked by sky-high optimism (Roy Moore 2003)

"Sky-high optimism as club takes shape"  (Melissa Isaacson 2005)

"As the 2019 calendar ends, the New York Rangers' newest decade begins with much promise and sky-high optimism." (Frank Curto 2019)

"The Buffalo Sabres have seen better days, but it hasn’t stopped some fans from having ‘sky-high’ optimism" (Tim Graham 2021)

"ASX follows 'sky-high optimism' on Wall Street" (David Chai 2021)


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