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People make me Optimistic: Sian Stephens

"People. People make me optimistic. The more I choose to show up optimistically, the more people I meet with the same values. It has taken me quite a while to build the courage to show up as the person I think I am and have it reflected back that others are ok with that. My reward has been that the more I find the courage to back myself, the more I meet the people I want to hang out with. It's been a process; however, every day now, I find my life full of optimistic people who share that, and it creates more and more optimism, which continues to grow."

That's what Sian Stephens told me when I asked her what makes her optimistic.

Sian Stephens is 

Sian describes herself as a "realistic optimist" and "inspired by those who have endured on their journey; however, still face the world every day with a smile and a helping hand to others."  Sian says, "I wouldn't have made it this far without them, and now I am grateful to be able to pay it forward more."


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