Salomon Sacal's Optimism is Rooted in Mexican and Jewish Culture

"The Jewish teachings of resilience in the face of adversity and Mexican culture's vibrant, familial spirit have imbued me with a sense of unyielding optimism."

That's what Salomon Sacal told me when I asked him, "What makes you Optimistic?"

Victor Perton: What makes you optimistic?

Salomon Sacal: My optimism is deeply rooted in my Jewish Mexican heritage and the values instilled in me from a young age. Growing up in a culture that emphasizes community, perseverance, and faith, I learned to see the world through a lens of hope and possibility. The Jewish teachings of resilience in the face of adversity and Mexican culture's vibrant, familial spirit have imbued me with a sense of unyielding optimism. Whether celebrating together in good times or supporting each other through challenges, my upbringing taught me that there's always a path forward and a reason to hope. This background has given me a unique perspective on life, where optimism is not just a feeling but a guiding principle. "Out of every problem, there is an opportunity."

Victor Perton: What's the connection between your resilience and optimism?

Salomon Sacal: Resilience and optimism are intrinsically linked in my life. My resilience was born out of adversity – from the physical and mental challenges all the way to recovery and growth. This resilience bolstered my optimism. Every obstacle I have overcome in my life, personal, health or financial, has reinforced the belief that things can get better and that challenges are beatable. It's a cycle of positive reinforcement: my resilience builds my optimism, which in turn feeds back into my resilience.

Victor Perton: Tell us the story of your injury and recovery.

Salomon Sacal: My journey began with a devastating accident where I was run over by a bus, resulting in severe injuries. The prognosis was grim; doctors doubted I would walk or talk again. However, I refused to accept this as my fate and had to look for a Big Hairy Audacious Goal while in a hospital bed, and I did: "Reach Everest B.C." Through an arduous process of rehabilitation, both physical and mental, I gradually made progress. It wasn't just about healing physically; it was about rebuilding my life, redefining my limits, and learning to find strength in vulnerability. The road to recovery led me to an extraordinary goal – trekking to Everest Base Camp and reaching the peak of Kalapathar. This was not just a physical conquest but a symbol of my journey back from the brink, a testament to the human spirit's resilience. "Giving up is not an option" - when you take away the option of quitting, there is only a way forward.

Victor Perton: What makes you optimistic for Australia and the world?

Salomon Sacal: My optimism for Australia and the world at large is fueled by my unwavering belief in the inherent goodness of people and the boundless opportunities that lie within change and challenges. I've witnessed, time and again, how individuals and communities can rise to occasions, turning adversities into avenues of growth and innovation.

In every challenge, I see a chance for us to come together, to showcase our compassion, and to work towards a common goal. The essence of good in people, which I firmly believe in, is most evident when we face trials – be it in acts of kindness during crises or shared efforts to overcome global issues.

Furthermore, change, though often frightening, brings with it a wealth of opportunities. It pushes us out of our comfort zones, compelling us to innovate, adapt, and grow. This dynamic process, while challenging, is incredibly enriching and a source of optimism for me. In the heart of every challenge lies the seed of opportunity – to learn, improve, and better our world. This perspective keeps me hopeful and confident about our future.

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