Knowing that Humans are Actors of Change: Roselyn Zeinstra

"What makes me optimistic?  Knowing that humans are actors of change and that we have the power to make our wishes come true."

That's what Roselyn Zeinstra, The Joy Coach, told me when I asked her what makes her optimistic.

I asked Roselyn too, what makes her feel optimistic.

Roselyn told me, "It makes me feel optimistic when I see people believe in themselves and wish to do good for the benefit of others. Nothing is more powerful than empowered individuals with the right view to contributing to society. That realisation is enough to create a better future for themselves and others."

I asked Roselyn "Who have been the positive leaders who have inspired you?"

Roselyn said, "My first positive leaders were my parents because they gave me a great example of love, generosity, and how to pursue my goals. Mr Bob Proctor, whom I met in person, was an amazing coach who helped me realise that I can be unstoppable. Trav Bell and Brad Sugars, both Australians, inspired me to pursue my dreams even when these seemed impossible and nobody believed in me. Another leader I have followed for many years is Richard Branson, for looking relaxed and happy, rather than stiff and aggressive, proving that there are ways to do things differently. Finally, Sir Winston Churchill because he knew how to remain cool in difficult times while keeping a steady fast focus."

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