Rebel, alchemist or optimist?

Rebel, alchemist or optimist?  A good question from Zoran Svetlicic, partner at Singaporean agency Shift, in an article, "Rebel, alchemist or optimist: three ways to ride the next wave of food brands."

Zoran writes, "With Big Food increasingly looking like Big Tobacco these days, the world is ready for a new wave of food brands. One such wave is coming from the alt-protein space with a frothy $5bn raised last year alone."

In respect of "The Optimists", Zoran describes "Optimists start with higher ideals. They don’t knock the competition, they don’t dwell on the details, they just make it effortless to do the right thing. To look on the Oatside of life. To have a Perfect Day. Not to mess with the planet, but just let Yellowstone National Park do its thing through Nature’s Fynd. Cute bears, warm hues, and aspirational culinary advisors come with the package.  Presenting this progressive stand in a lighter way makes it less preachy and more accessible. Whether people will care or see it as aloof remains to be seen."

He concludes, "Will the optimists find a tangible footing? We don’t know, but will certainly keep watching the wave."


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