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The Optimism of Jay Robert "J. B." Pritzker, Governor of Illinois

Governor Pritzker's Budget Address February 2020

 "Speaker Madigan, President Harmon, Leader Durkin, Leader Brady, Lieutenant Governor Stratton, my fellow Constitutional Officers, Honorable Members of the General Assembly, the incomparable First Lady MK, distinguished guests and people of Illinois —

 "My friends, not long ago I shared with you news of our state's progress over the last year and my genuine confidence that our future is bright and that Illinois is growing stronger each day.
I" know I have a reputation for being a bit of an irrepressible optimist - something somewhat unusual among those who have held this job recently - but I believe that the cynics had their years in power and that the people of Illinois suffered because of them.
"Being a cynic is easy. 
"Cynicism, after all, demands only that you believe in the worst and do nothing to stop it from happening.
"It's optimism that's hard. Because optimism demands hope, and patience, and faith...and most importantly, action.

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