A Prayer for Optimism: Bishop Philip Huggins

Gracious God,

With gratitude in our hearts for the gift of each new day; 

Looking around and listening now, in appreciation for this particular day;

We offer a prayer for the grace to live today with poetry of word and gesture.

May those we meet, in whatever way, feel ennobled ;

May the intentions we shape be good and loving, spreading an infectious optimism into a blessed future. May this renewal of our hope as one human family, take us deeper into why you say,

In Revelation,

“Look, I make all things new”.

For, yes, as the saints convey, we are an Easter people and Alleluia is our song! In Jesus holy name, we give thanks and thus say, AMEN.

Written and Shared with us by Bishop Philip Huggins 3 May 2020

Bishop Philip Huggins is an Anglican Bishop, President of the National Council of Churches in Australia and Director of the Centre for Ecumenical Studies at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

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