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The Pope: Without Young People there is a lack of optimism

by Victor Perton

Speaking in Assisi at "The Economy of Francesco," Pope Francis said, "According to Scripture, young people are the bearers of a spirit of knowledge and intelligence. It was the young David who humbled the arrogance of the giant Goliath (cf 1 Sam 17: 49-51). Indeed, "when civil society and businesses lack the skills of the young, the whole of society withers and the life of everyone is extinguished. There is a lack of creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, and courage to take risks. A society and an economy without young people are sad, pessimistic and cynical."

Thinking back, it's a similar point to that made by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy when he expressed hope that after the end of the war, many Ukrainian young people who left Ukraine due to hostilities will return home.  He said, "Without science, without education, without students, there will be stagnation in the state. Even all the optimism after the victory will go nowhere, because without the strength of young people, without this energy, it is impossible to build anything,"



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