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Perseverance is Underpinned by Optimism

Perseverance is underpinned by optimism.

By Victor Perton

 Perseverance is a key characteristic of successful people. It involves continuing to work towards a goal despite obstacles and setbacks. While it may seem like perseverance is solely based on an individual's willpower, there is more to it than meets the eye. One crucial factor that underpins perseverance is optimism. This is a view shared by several people who have shared their wisdom with me, including Rose Jost, Eangano Singehebhuye, and Dr Marija Maher.

Rose Jost, Dean of Student Success & Wellbeing, Ormond College at the University of Melbourne., believes that optimists are more likely to cultivate an attitude of perseverance. According to Jost, optimists envisage potential in themselves and those around them. This view enables them to pivot around challenges, rather than becoming bogged down by them. With an optimistic mindset, individuals can maintain hope and continue working towards their goals despite setbacks.

 Eangano Singehebhuye, CEO of Acts Of Random Kindness, also believes in the power of optimism. Singehebhuye suggests that optimism allows individuals to believe in success that they have not yet seen. This belief can produce hope and inspire perseverance, as individuals continue to work towards their goals, despite obstacles and setbacks.

 Dr Marija Maher, a lecturer at the University of Melbourne, is an exemplar of perseverance underpinned by optimism. As an 18-year-old refugee who arrived in Australia without a word of English and without any support, she recognized that it took more than luck to feel optimistic as a leader and an Australian. For Maher, optimism is about knowing that one can try anything, and if it doesn't work, they can pick themselves up and try again. Her optimism, coupled with her determination, hard work, persistence, and perseverance, helped her overcome the challenges she faced as a refugee in a new country.

 In conclusion, perseverance is underpinned by optimism. Optimism provides individuals with the fuel to maintain hope and inspires perseverance, even in the face of adversity. It allows them to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and progress. The views of Rose Jost, Eangano Singehebhuye, and Dr Marija Maher demonstrate the importance of an optimistic mindset in cultivating perseverance. By believing in oneself and their potential, individuals can maintain a positive outlook and continue working towards their goals, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

Rose Jost, Dean of Student Success & Wellbeing, Ormond College at the University of Melbourne.told me, “Optimists envisage potential in themselves and those around them, pivot around challenge and cultivate an attitude of perseverance.”

 Eangano Singehebhuye, CEO, Acts Of Random Kindness said " Optimism allows you to believe in as-yet-unseen success and thus produce hope and inspire perseverance."

 Dr Marija Maher, The University of Melbourne told me “As an 18-year-old refugee who came to Australia without a word of English and on my own, I know just how lucky this country is. More importantly, I recognise that it took more than luck for me to feel optimistic as a leader and as an Australian. It took determination, hard work, persistence and perseverance. For me, optimism – in leadership and in life – is knowing that you can try at anything, and if it doesn’t work you can pick yourself up and try again.”

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In "Optimism, Hope, Perseverance and Success", Paul White wrote "I think that optimism and hope are core components of perseverance, which we have already identified as being a key predictor of success in one’s profession. Why persevere if there is no hope of things turning out well?"

School Mental Health Ontario's website states, "When students are optimistic in their interactions with others and in their world view, they are more likely to experience positive relationships and have the motivation to persevere and succeed."

In "The Importance of Perseverance & Optimism in Business", Alex Landowski wrote, "When combined, perseverance and optimism create a powerful force to help entrepreneurs overcome the many hurdles they will inevitably face in business. By embracing these qualities, it will enable you to weather storms and emerge stronger."



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