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Press release 5 August 2020

Melbourne (Australia) based global optimism think-tank The Centre for Optimism today launched its new logo fostering optimism in 54 countries where its members live and work.

The company’s Melbourne shopfront closed in the midst of a COVID-19 curfew and a government-declared “state of disaster”, but its 2020 online growth has spread to 54 countries empowering individuals and communities to foster and spread infectious optimism: The people’s voice and positive leadership rather than finger-wagging edicts.

The Centre promotes realistic and infectious optimism asking people to ask themselves and ask others “What makes you optimistic?”

The concept has already been adopted by the Australian city of Bendigo with its Voices of Optimism . “The city’s approach is a beacon of optimism in a fog of pessimism,” says The Centre for Optimism Founder and CEO Victor Perton.

“Bendigo’s people and leaders are sharing inspirational quotes and activities and gaining worldwide attention.  From the generosity of Bendigo Foodshare to Bendigo Health Service to Coliban Water, stories of optimism and hope are shared.

The Centre’s “Post-COVID Better Normal” research and publications are aimed at supporting people and the community embrace the positive changes arising from lockdowns and curfews to move from ‘pessimistic’ messages to ‘optimistic’ messages to help the nation and communities embrace innovation and new ways of thinking.

“At its simplest, optimism is an expectation that good things will happen and that things will work out in the end.

Global health research shows optimism as a key predictor of healthy old age and recovery from illness.

Optimism adopted in people’s thinking, government and business leadership can have a dramatic effect on people’s lives and policy outcomes.”

Mr. Perton said with the community’s spirits down in a second lockdown and an extreme curfew, there’s no important time for people to ask themselves and those they love what makes them optimistic. 

“For most people things will work out in the end and are adopting new styles of work and home-life leading to a better tomorrow.  The need to remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. “A great way to look for that light at the end of the tunnel is to visualise your future.  Our Better Normal Project has involved people from 22 countries, attracted support from global media outlets and is now being adopted by global brands like Coca Cola.

“For those sick with COVID19 and those grieving loved ones, we need to wrap ourselves around them as a loving compassionate community.  Optimism is the underpinning of resilience and we need to foster it throughout the community.

Chair of The Centre for Optimism, crisis-communications expert and former national and state press gallery journalist, Robert Masters said leaders and communication people need to ‘rethink’ their approach to community messages and adopt some of the proven elements of physiological research the change people’s attitudes and behaviours.

“The standard thinking of a ‘headline’ approach to messaging to capture people’s attention is not enough today because of what people are going through with the pandemic,” he said.

Designer of the new logo for The Centre for Optimism, Wayne Larkin said: “The Centre for Optimism is the most critical leadership imperative in our time. Being Optimistic is the NEW REVOLUTION in Change Management for success and transform in organisations for the 21 Century.

“Every institution in this world today is now facing profound, turbulent, unpredictable change.  We need to learn how to think in new ways. That new state of mind is 'Optimism'.  This is the raison d’etre of the Centre for Optimism.

“Optimism Improves Business Performance and Personal Wellbeing. 

“The Centre for Optimism brings people together in a safe, communal and nurturing space to facilitate wellbeing and to support us all to thrive and change in the world of today.”

About the New Logo

The new logo was designed by Wayne Larkin, Creative and Managing Director of the Visual Design Group.

The Symbols

The Circle Represents the Sun:  The circle is the great and universal symbol of the'Higher Self'. The central source of Light and Life.  The rising Sun underpins life, hope and joy. The sun encourages optimism and creativity. It gifts people the power to meet the challenges in their everyday life. The sun supports the potential for development, focused on the central point within yourself, for manifestation at higher levels.

The Starburst represents the sun rising to a higher position of transcendence. The 'beginning of good things' or 'victory'. A symbol of the beginning of a new day and cycle of life.  The 12-Pointed Sunburst Symbol is one of the most ancient symbols and represents the Higher Self and the source of Light and Life. It is symbolic of Power, Energy, Strength, Clarity, Harmony and encourages Creativity.

The Colours

Orange represents Optimism, Creativity, Adventure, Enthusiasm, Charisma, Attraction, Success, and Balance. Energy, Vitality, Cheerful, Excitement, Warmth, Playfulness, Fun, Happiness and Good Health. Orange generates a sense of adventure, inspiring and creating enthusiasm. Orange is also the colour of happiness, youth and trust.

Yellow is the colour of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful. In colour psychology, yellow represents Joy, Cheerful, Happiness, Intellect, and Energy. Producing a warming effect, yellow arouses cheerfulness and stimulates the imagination.



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