Futurist Markku Wilenius on his Optimism

On the Futurists Podcast, Markku Wilenius addressed the question, "Can you give me an optimistic view? We have talked about many of the challenges. You are on a mission to teach people how to think in an optimistic way about the future, in a positive way. How do you do that?" 

Markku eloquently shared, "The only way to do that is for each of us... to work on positive solutions... The moment you start to do that, your attitude changes... I am optimistic that we're going to solve these issues." He spoke about the need for humanity to be more than survivors, to flourish by taking care of our common heritage for the benefit of future generations. Highlighting the importance of seeking alternatives to overcome current challenges, Wilenius said, "There are always alternatives... We need to find out what they are and work on them."

I, too, am on a mission to teach people how to think optimistically. A straightforward piece of advice is about the power of joyous greetings and smiling and saying hello to everyone we meet. This simple acknowledgment can foster a sense of connection and goodwill, laying the foundation for a more optimistic and cohesive community.

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