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Mark Lee Loves Optimism

❤️ "I love optimism. For me, being optimistic equates to lucky events falling my way much more often than not." 😊

That's what Mark Lee told me!

Mark Lee is a Civil Engineer and Business Development Manager for VAPAR. VAPAR automates condition assessment from CCTV inspection footage of underground sewer and stormwater pipes, and I'd watched Mark deliver a seminar on "Streamlining CCTV pipe inspections with AI."

I asked Mark what makes him optimistic; he said, "The mere presence of optimism can have a placebo effect on life, influencing subtle improvement to the outcome of events. Be optimistic and increase the serendipity in your future."

That comment on #serendipity reminds me of John Hagel's message in the "power of Pull."

I asked Mark, "What makes you optimistic about the uses of AI in the #water #utility sector?"

Mark Lee: "I'm optimistic that AI will be able complete many of the repetitive and laborious tasks within the water utility sector. With the result bringing more enjoyment and fulfilment to #engineers by providing them more time to work on the fun, intricate and stimulating tasks and challenges facing the industry."

What makes you optimistic?

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