Cheerscrolling: Lynn Wood and IdeaSpies

"It’s important to take an optimistic view and learn from adversity."
That's what Lynn Wood, IdeaSpies told me when I asked what makes her optimistic.  Ideaspies and The Centre for Optimism have partnered on several Hours of Optimism promoting innovation and innovators.
Lynn is launching a new video promoting Cheerscrolling and Ideaspies.
I took the chance to ask Lynn, "What makes you optimistic?"
Lynn Wood: "I don’t feel that there is a choice. We all face adversity at some time in our lives and our future depends on how we deal with it. I’ve had to face many challenges in my life and try not to let them pull me down. I believe it’s important to take an optimistic view and learn from adversity."
Victor Perton: What makes you feel optimistic?
Lynn Wood:  I feel optimistic when I see the wonderful ideas posted on IdeaSpies every day across many topics, thanks to our incredible volunteer Editors. I'm passionate about sharing these ideas so more people see them. Every innovation is based on an idea. Our lives are continually improving, but still, many people see problems rather than ideas as solutions. This post explains how we are better off
"It’s particularly important that young people see these ideas and have confidence in the future. We are supporting an UpRising initiative in schools encouraging students to develop their own ideas to help improve our future  
"We call what we are doing cheerscrolling: Please watch the video."
Victor Perton: "What is cheer-scrolling?"
Lynn Wood:  "Rather than indulging in doom-scrolling, we should prioritize cheer-scrolling. Our Inclusion Editor, Marcus Gordon, has contributed to the Urban Dictionary by introducing the term 'cheer-scrolling'.
Cheer-scrolling is the opposite of doom-scrolling. Instead of scrolling through news and social media content that upset or anger you, spend your time browsing through feeds and sites that offer positive and optimistic content to uplift your mood and bring joy to your day."
Victor Perton: Who have been the leaders who have inspired you?
Lynn Wood: "There are three I would like to name today:

David Thodey AO - David is recognised as one of Australia's top innovation leaders. I was delighted when he saw what IdeaSpies was trying to do early in our journey and offered support. When I set up an Advisory Board, I asked him to chair it and was delighted he agreed.  I very much appreciate his insightful questions and guidance.

Melanie Perkins- In 2017, I attended a presentation Melanie gave at a startup conference and was very impressed that she overcame many rejections in getting Canva going. She expressed these rejections beautifully with her reactions. I filmed her statement and shared this very popular and inspiring post with IdeaSpies

Marc Randolph - In 2019, I attended a presentation Marc Randolph made at the State Theatre in Sydney to explain the Netflix story. Hearing him talk about the importance of testing and focus was fascinating. A while later, I saw an excellent article about it and asked the author Greg Sattell if we could share it with IdeaSpies. He agreed, and this very popular article is a guiding light for IdeaSpies

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