Optimism turned into Unmatched Joy for Me: Dr John Tickell

"Optimism turned into Joy for me.  Thirteen years ago, I was diagnosed with brain cancer.  My optimism was complete, and I trusted my body and mind to respond to a newly trialled immunotherapy drug.

"Can you imagine my joy a mere three months later;  the unmatched joy to hear my oncologist tell me that the biggest of the five cancers was half the original size, and the other four had almost faded away."
That's what our friend Dr John Tickell told Noirin Mosley and me when he heard we were celebrating a week of the superpower of optimism as part of the year of joy.
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Elaborating, John told us, earlier this week, he heard on the news, and the day’s weather forecast was “Partly Cloudy.”   As he motored to the office, there were a few tiny clouds and LOTS of sunshine  !! !!   And, it was mostly Sunny ALL DAY LONG.
John said, What’s the challenge here ?  “Partly Sunny” is far more mind-enhancing than “Partly Cloudy”.  Same thing, different mindset!
 As John says, "The latest research about recovery from illness shows very well that optimistic patients do recover more quickly.
 "Optimistic people :
  • Eat healthier
  • Think healthier
  • Sleep healthier
  • Have healthier relationships
  • Have more positive Attitudes; and,
  • Have better Mental Health.
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