Johan Norberg: Optimism, Openness and Faith in Curiosity

"I believe that optimism contributes to openness as it gives us faith in curiosity, meetings and exchange"," tweeted Johan Norberg.
In Swedish, "Jag tror ju att optimism bidrar till öppenhet då det ger oss tro på nyfikenhet, möten och utbyte."
From our survey "What makes you Optimistic?", several hundred participants used words like 'faith', 'curiosity', 'meetings', 'exchange', or their synonyms such as 'belief', 'trust', 'confidence', 'inquisitiveness', 'interest', 'eagerness', 'gatherings', 'assemblies', 'encounters', 'trade', 'swap', and 'interchange'.

Maria told us, "What makes me optimistic? A strong belief in humanity - good rises, and evil falls."

Aligned with Johan's thinking, the former head of the Australian Prime Minister's Department, Dr Martin Parkinson, told me, "Optimism drives curiosity, which in turn fosters innovation and invention."

As a leadership coach, Chester Elton added, "My children and grandchildren always amaze me with their curiosity and goodness. And friends that love and encourage me every day. They help me and allow me to help them. Because of my faith, family, and friends, I have much to be grateful for in my life. It keeps me optimistic! It brings me great happiness and joy."

What makes you optimistic? This simple question reveals a lot about our collective mindset and individual perspectives. It's fascinating to see how optimism can manifest in different forms and expressions, resonating with Norberg's observation about the relationship between optimism and openness. Each response is a window into personal experiences and worldviews, highlighting the diversity and depth of what drives our optimism.

So, what's your take on optimism? We're eager to hear your thoughts and stories. Please share with us what makes you optimistic.
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