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Jeff Cavins is Optimistic that there will be a Move of the Holy Spirit

"I’m optimistic because of who’s leading the Church, which is Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Jeff Cavins was asked, "Are you optimistic about the Catholic Church in 2023?"

Jeff said "I am, yes. I’m always optimistic about the Church. That doesn’t mean that you don’t see problems, even in my own life. But I’m optimistic because of who’s leading the Church, which is Jesus and the Holy Spirit leading the Church.

"There are great opportunities for us right now. When it gets dark out there, and people are discouraged by what’s going on in the world, it really is our opportunity to let that light shine, and to be the light in the world, to be the salt in the world. And so, I’m optimistic that we can do it.

"And I’m always optimistic that there will be a move of the Holy Spirit. Again, I am not interested in just producing things that people can consume. That doesn’t trip my trigger. What trips my trigger is when people start to walk in that truth, and then they see transformed lives. They see people who are giving their life to Christ and that’s why I do what I do.

"I just finished my 60th pilgrimage to the Holy Land two weeks ago, and I was asked in Israel, why do you keep doing this? And I said because I just really like to watch changed lives. I guess that’s my addiction. I like to watch people who are experiencing a conversion in their life."


Jeff Cavins is a Catholic author, speaker and Bible teacher. He was a Protestant pastor before his reversion to the Catholic faith. He is the creator and founder of the popular “Great Adventure Bible Study” program. Cavins has also worked with Father Mike Schmitz on the very popular podcasts “The Bible in a Year” and “The Catechism in a Year.”

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