Wellbeing, COVID & Optimism? Maddie Cunningham in Conversation

May 2020 Third in the Innovation Series Collaboration between IdeaSpies and The Centre for Optimism: Wellbeing, COVID-19 and Optimism? IdeaSpies Wellbeing Editor Madeline Cunningham, Lisa Butler, Michael Kasumovic and Brad Delamere in Conversation with Victor Perton, Lynn Wood, Robert Masters and global participants.



The first question to the panellists? "What makes you optimistic?

What keeps you optimistic through the pandemic and beyond?"

Maddie Cunningham is the Wellbeing editor of ideaSpies with an excellent experience of global leadership roles in HR. Lisa Butler is the Managing Director and founder of The Talea Group. Lisa is the author of Networking Exposed. Michael Kasumovic is an Associate Professor at UNSW & Founder of arludo. Brad Delamere is the Founder HealthCheckYou app and CEO of Tank Steam Labs Lynn Wood is the Founder of ideaSpies. Robert Masters is Australia's master of crisis communications. Victor Perton is the Founder and Chief Optimism Officer of The Centre for Optimism.

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