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High Optimism at IAG

"Collaborative team player, with high optimism and outcome orientated."

My favourite job advertisement today comes from IAG seeking an "Assistant Company Secretary"

The successful applicant needs to have "high optimism".

As a side note, The Centre for Optimism's "Optimism as a Superpower" exercise did not have "high optimism" in the list. Fixed today thanks to this advertisement! 

IAG is fortunate to have Marie Skelton there, who said, "What makes me optimistic? Life. It's such a blessing and a wonderful but short gift. We live in an amazing time and in a truly lucky country. Not being optimistic and grateful would be such a waste of this special gift."

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What is "High Optimism"?

"High Optimism" is a term used in psychology to describe a mindset characterized by an unwavering positive outlook on life and the future. According to Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology, high optimism involves "the belief that the future will be better than the present, and that one has the power to make it so."

This concept has been studied extensively in the field of positive psychology, which focuses on promoting human strengths and well-being. Various psychological tests and surveys have been developed to measure optimism levels, and high optimism has been found to have numerous benefits for individuals.

Harvard conducted a longevity study, which found that high optimism is linked with longer life and living past 90 in women across racial and ethnic groups. The study's findings were significant, as they suggested that high optimism could be a powerful predictor of longevity and health outcomes.

Similarly, a medical study conducted by Radcliffe and Klein in 2002 found that individuals with high optimism were more informed about heart attack risk factors and other risk factors that could impact their health. This suggests that high optimism is not only a mindset that promotes well-being but can also lead to greater awareness and engagement in health behaviours.

Overall, high optimism is a powerful mindset that can help individuals navigate life's challenges, achieve their goals, and experience greater levels of well-being. As Seligman notes, "optimism is a powerful predictor of success." So, cultivating a positive outlook on life and the future may have significant benefits for individuals in all areas of their lives.

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