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Embracing the Divine: A Celebration of Optimism on Feast of the Holy Trinity

I was deeply honoured to participate in the patronal feast, the "Feast of the Holy Trinity" at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Port Melbourne. This occasion was more than a mere theological commemoration; it was a vibrant outpouring of joy, hope, and optimism.

In his sermon, Bishop Philip Huggins described this event as the Feast Day of Optimism - a heartfelt celebration of optimists. His words resonated with the congregation, imbuing the service with an infectious sense of affirmation and enthusiasm. He generously extended his blessings to the mission of The Centre for Optimism, encouraging the embodiment of the same hope and positivity expressed in the celebration of the feast day of the Holy Trinity.

Bishop Huggins further enlightened us by exploring the mysteries of "The Sacred Imagination". He expounded on the interconnectedness within the Holy Trinity: God the Father as the creator symbolising endless possibilities, God the Son embodying hope and reconciliation, and the Holy Spirit as the sanctifier, instilling believers with the confidence of spiritual growth and transformation.

This concept, known as 'perichoresis' or mutual indwelling, underscores divine optimism. Bishop Huggins emphasised that this perfect love and unity within the Trinity provide a model for harmonious co-existence, encouraging us to aspire to this ideal in our own lives.

Thus, the Feast of the Holy Trinity, viewed through Bishop Huggins' "The Sacred Imagination", emerged as a vibrant celebration of optimism, highlighting the transformative power of divine love, unity, and the boundless potential of the human spirit in communion with the Divine.

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