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Hanukkah's Optimism

 Ros Ben-Moshe, Author of "Laughing at cancer - How to Heal with Love, Laughter and Mindfulness"

“Chanukah combines two of my favourite things - miracles and light. When combined, anything is possible and the world is a considerably brighter and more optimistic place.”


 Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein

"eternal optimism in the face of hopeless odds — this faith in the power of the few — is an idea that goes right to the heart of Chanukah...

"On Chanukah, a small group of righteous people made a big difference, overcoming a mighty force. If good people with pure hearts and sincere intentions band together, even in small numbers, they can bring light and blessing into the world. God’s blessings can multiply the effect of the limited physical world like that small jar of oil that burned for so much longer, thereby spreading so much light in the world. This is the message of hope and optimism of Chanukah."


 Rabbi Aaron Frank

"Chanukah is a time where we can be inspired by and emphasize our religious legacy of optimism."


Yoram Ettinger is a former ambassador and head of Second Thought: A U.S.-Israel Initiative

"The first day of Hanukkah is celebrated when daylight hours are equal to the hours of darkness—and when moonlight is hardly noticed - ushering in brighter days: optimism.

"Hanukkah monumentalizes the critical role played by education in the vitality and survival of individuals and nations (the Hebrew words for Hanukkah and education share a similar spelling); the victory of light and faith over darkness (the Hebrew spelling of “darkness” consists of the same letters as “forgetfulness”); and the triumph of reality-driven optimism over wishful-thinking and pessimism, defiance of odds over political correctness/assimilation, and liberty over despotism."


Rabbi Moshe Gurary of the Chabad House of Buffalo 

"Hanukkah is a symbol of light, hope, and optimism, and it's a great holiday to celebrate."

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Rabbi Berl Goldman, director of the Lubavitch-Chabad Jewish Student and Community Center

“The lights of Chanukah shine bright for eight days, transmitting warmth and optimism and spreading the message of hope to all who see her lights.  During these challenging times, Chanukah gives hope for a bright and healthy future ahead. It is also a most appropriate time to honor and thank those who risk their lives for all of us, helping, healing, and guaranteeing our safety,” he added. 


President Joe Biden

"In each successive generation, the Hanukkah story provides a powerful lesson and nourishes the wellspring of hope. In darkness, there’s light.  In cynicism, there’s hope and optimism and an unyielding belief that miracles are possible."


April Chepovskygold , JD, RN

"The Chanukah celebration is a celebration of the rededication of the ancient temple in Jerusalem.  Having waged a three-year battle against the Syrian Greeks, the Maccabees ousted them from Jerusalem and reclaimed the temple, which the Syrians had caused great destruction after three years of invasion.   This was an optimistic and determined small band of warriors against a large and overwhelming force that overcame the religious and ethnic oppression of the Jewish people. With the temple cleansed, the Maccabees rekindled the temple menorah and again offered sacrifices to God. This rededication became enshrined as the festival of Chanukah."



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Jessy Dressin, senior director of Jewish Education for Repair the World.

"We invite you to join us, on your own time and in your own way, so that our work toward building a more just world may continue to grow. In this season, we embrace the hope and optimism that being part of this movement may instill, as we are also reminded that it will only be through our ongoing commitment to service and Jewish learning that we may truly repair the world."




























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