Hoping Life Brings Kindness and Gentleness Your Way in 2024

My cousin Genja sent me a lovely blessing for New Year, "Hoping life brings kindness and gentleness your way in 2024."

I have written about the relationship between kindness and optimism.  Kindness and optimism are two traits that positively impact people's lives. There is a strong connection between the two.  Kindness and optimism can transform lives in the most beautiful and meaningful ways! These two extraordinary traits can truly work wonders, bringing a ray of hope and light to even the darkest of moments.

Kindness is being considerate, generous, and empathetic towards others. At its simplest, optimism is an expectation that good things will happen and that things will work out in the end.

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Some quotable quotes on kindness and optimism

Nicola Hepenstall, Deputy Chair, South Gippsland Water

 "What makes me optimistic? I know that I can change people’s lives by doing small acts of kindness. It’s often the little things that matter the most and I can do that each and every day!"

Professor Catherine Crock AM, Chair and Founder of the Hush Foundation

"What makes me optimistic?  Kindness and goodwill are contagious. I aim to interact with kindness and goodwill at all times and then good things come ."

Mimi Kwa, Presenter and MC

"Optimism and kindness are contagious. They are good for the heart and soul. They improve heart function, overall health and well-being and they cost you nothing. Your reasons for spreading positivity and kindness are unimportant. Do it selfishly to help your physical and mental health. Or do it selflessly and altruistically. The result is the same. So just do it.”

Louisa Keck, Head of Participation - Reach & Wake by Reach

"What makes me optimistic are finding the small pockets of kindness and good in day-to-day life. Appreciating the moments that make me smile and the ones that take my breath away. Feeling gratitude for the people in my life and excited about the life I get to create with them."

Diane Kilkenny, World Commerce and Contracting

 "What makes me optimistic?  That random acts of human kindness come from the places you least expect them at the times you need them most!"

Michelle Clement

"Humans being kind to one another is one of the sources of my optimism. It's also something that I look forward to every day."

Debby Lissaur, Chief Positivity Instigator at Optimism, Inc.

"I am optimistic for the future when I see random acts of kindness, and when I am blessed with meaningful, hope-filled conversations with random strangers. No matter how bleak things seem, it is but a passing moment in time. Humanity always prevails in the end."

 Elizabeth Lim

“I believe helping those around us see the world in a more optimistic light during difficult situations, puts the kindness in humankind and sustains the peace and tranquillity we all deserve in our lives.”

 Christina Pagano, Pagano and Company Public Relations

 “I do remain confident in the basic goodness of the citizens of the world, most of whom wake up in the morning, and regardless of where they live or under what circumstances, aim to do the best they can in the course of the day.  And in many cases, execute remarkable acts of kindness.  I see that in New York City every day.”

Diksha Dutta

"Optimism is hard-work, but it is also magic. I made it a habit.  Soon there were a series of events that made me believe that magic happens to those who combine hard work with kindness, positivity and optimism."

Stephen Cornelissen, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

“Leadership is a capability that exists in every person. We see so many examples of it each and every day, from walking down the street, seeing our colleagues at work, watching the news or witnessing acts of great kindness and/or courage. The unassuming people who undertake these acts are those I find infectiously optimistic; ordinary people doing what essentially should be ordinary things but doing them extraordinarily well. These are the people who go about creating change for themselves and others in a way that really matters."

Sonia McDonald, Leadership Author and Speaker

"Optimistic leadership is about being brave, kind and courageous as a leader. To be optimistic means knowing that we can overcome anything. The power of being focused on being true and kind to oneself and others is leadership."

Karen Stanford, Teacher

"Being an optimist I am lucky enough to see hope everywhere. Inspiring people following their dreams, people being kind to each other and as a teacher, the children give me reason to be optimistic every day"

 Lori Lewis

"Helping others without expecting anything in return creates eternal optimismOne small act of kindness serves as a reminder we are never alone, and how we truly are here to give, not to receive."

 Libby Mears, CEO, Leisure Networks

"I am optimistic when I see the strength of communities who have overcome adversity, seeing people included who are usually excluded and when I see people willing to display gentleness, empathy, compassion and kindness."

Jodie Ginsberg, Chief Executive, Index on Censorship. 

"In a world in which it's easy to feel bombarded by the negative, I am constantly uplifted by the stories of those striving to make the world a better place - through small acts of kindness and grand acts of sacrifice. Human beings are essentially good. Knowing that is enough to champion the case for optimism."

Sam Banzi

"I believe that optimism is a catalyst for personal growth and positive change in our lives and communities. What makes me optimistic? The unwavering resilience and determination of individuals, the collective acts of kindness that ripple through society, and the endless possibilities that each new day brings. These are the sparks that ignite hope and fuel my optimism."

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