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Gary Seale on Optimism and Acquired Brain Injury

Worth Reading: Gary Seale's article, "Psychosocial Complications and Treatment Approaches Following Acquired Brain Injury."

My notes:

"individuals that view their illness or injury as a challenge to overcome believe they can exert some degree of control to change their situation, seek information and ask for assistance, and are more optimistic about their future; they are more likely to exert effort and work hard, and less likely to give up when setbacks occur. They are more likely to have a better outcome than the individual who harbors a “victim” mentality, perceives they have little control to change their situation, and withdraws or blames others for their situation or circumstances."

"Variables that influence positive psychosocial outcomes following brain injury include: focusing on strengths, facing the future with hope and optimism, resilience, identity strength, and positive coping."

"research has also demonstrated that resilience is dynamic and modifiable, and specific skills can be practiced to improve an individual’s ability to adapt to adversity.  Among these skills are: managing emotions, optimism/maintaining a positive outlook, engaging in adaptive problem-solving, use of approach-oriented coping strategies, effective communication, and asking for and accepting assistance."

On Positive Psychology Practices that help, Gary wrote, "Life summary techniques included a “lifeline” exercise in which participants narrated past successes or meaningful events to solidify a sense of purpose in life. Life summary exercises decreased levels of depression and promoted optimism."

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