Extraordinary Optimism: A Superpower for Pioneers and Innovators

I was intrigued to read Madeleine Key's LinkedIn post, "Have you had the pleasure of seeing a patent model up close in person?" The post mentioned, "Beneath the patent models' charming combination of eccentricity, ingenuity, and extraordinary optimism." 

This phrase, "extraordinary optimism," was not yet on my list of Optimism Superpowers - now, it certainly is!

Defining Extraordinary Optimism

Extraordinary optimism is an exceptionally high level of optimism, going beyond what is considered typical. A person with this mindset profoundly believes in the potential for positive outcomes, maintains an unwavering hope for the best, and tends to view challenges as opportunities. Such optimism can inspire resilience, creativity, and determination in adversity, making it a critical trait for innovators and pioneers.

  • Intensity and Resilience involve a more intense conviction in favourable outcomes and maintaining hope and motivation, even under challenging circumstances. Individuals who possess exceptional levels of optimism are not easily deterred; they perceive setbacks as chances for personal development and strongly believe in their ability to conquer obstacles.
  • The Expectation of Positive Change: Extraordinary optimists believe in positive outcomes and humanity's and the world's capacity for improvement. This profound belief fuels their actions, driving them to initiate and persist in endeavours that bring about beneficial changes.

Literary and Historical Insights

Jones Kofi Apawu, in "The Optimist Extraordinaire: How To Become An Extraordinary Positive Person," delves into cultivating such an outlook, providing a roadmap for developing positivity that influences all areas of one's life. Apawu's strategies emphasise the transformative power of maintaining a hopeful perspective even in dire situations.

Derek Thompson discusses how this optimism is a hallmark of American exceptionalism.

Similarly, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik's recount of Rabbi Akiva illustrates how extraordinary optimism enabled historical figures to support their communities through catastrophic events, highlighting its role in sustaining hope and perseverance across generations.

Theological and Economic Perspectives

The resilience and proactive nature of extraordinary optimism are not limited to individual achievements but are integral in economic contexts. For instance, the Financial Times article "Extraordinary optimism for extraordinary times" showcases how this optimism underpins financial strategies, particularly in navigating the uncertainties of markets and global crises.

Cultivating Extraordinary Optimism

Fostering this level of optimism is essential in today's world. Institutions that highlight historical and modern examples of this optimism, such as museums and educational programs, play a crucial role in inspiring and developing future generations. Encouraging young minds to adopt an extraordinarily optimistic outlook can lead to innovative solutions to global challenges.


Extraordinary optimism is more than just a beneficial mindset; it is a potent force that drives individuals towards remarkable achievements. It encourages viewing the world as it is and as it could be, which is vital for innovation and progress. As we face increasing global challenges, the extraordinary optimism of past and present pioneers provides both inspiration and a practical framework for action. Let us harness this superpower as we strive to innovate, transform, and positively impact our world, maintaining hope and determination through the journey.

What's Your Optimism Superpower?

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