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Optimists’ Eulogies and Obituaries

I have collected many references to optimism in obituaries and eulogies and you can find my favourites in my book Optimism: The How and Why.

You can consider using similar phrases if you write an obituary or eulogy.

C.V. Aravind on Arun Jaitley: “Integrity, optimism and an unwavering patriotic streak were his hallmark.”

Joe Biden on John McCain: "I think the thing that’s understated the most is his optimism. That’s what made John special, made John a giant among all of us.

Barack Obama on Senator John McCain: "He had been to hell and back and yet somehow never lost his energy or his optimism or his zest for life. So cancer did not scare him"

George W. Bush on George H.W. Bush: "The horizons he saw were bright and hopeful. He was a genuinely optimistic man, and that optimism guided his children and made each of us believe that anything was possible."

Yvonne Moore on her husband former New Zealand prime minister Mike Moore:  "He was stubborn, optimistic, generous and kind."

Vice President Mike Pence on Susan Bayh:  "In the face of serious illness, her tenacious spirit and optimism inspired us all. Susan Bayh loved her family, our state and her friends with a smile and irrepressible optimism that will never be forgotten. Karen and I will be praying for Evan, their sons, family and all who loved and cherished this truly remarkable Hoosier. God bless Susan Bayh."

Renzo Allegri on Saint Padre Pio: “Throughout his life, in the midst of the most difficult trials, he always looked to the future with a spirit of optimism, faith, and love.”

On Jim Benson: "His deep faith, contagious smile, and unparalleled optimism, were hallmarks of his character. "

John Fintan on Paudie Palmer: "Paudie Palmer enriched us with optimism and absolute positivity"

Ron Richard on Steven Minter: “Optimistic, brilliant, diplomatic and kind, Steve led by bringing out the very best qualities of those around him.”

On Mark Cox: "He brought joy and a magnetic optimism to all who knew him and was a loyal friend to many."

“He was certainly the most optimistic person I’ve ever met. He always felt like everything was going to work out.” (Jonathan Hafen on Hyrum Smith)

 after a new family business on Ashenheim Road, Kingston, was burnt to the ground during the turbulent 1970s, and after being teargassed in the streets at demonstrations, stoned, cursed and shot at, he still maintained a determined spirit and a positive, optimistic outlook.” (Karl Samuda on Jamaica’s Douglas Vaz)

 “She was still the life of the party, full of joy, optimism and sweetness.” (Stacey Mollus on Carol Dupree)

 "The ultimate optimist, her smile brightened rooms and melted hearts as she touched, then impacted every life that crossed her path." (On Martha Scharbauer Adams)

“His infectious energy and optimistic spirit have helped LiveLaw outgrow its phases of uncertainty and doubt.” (M A Rashid on Professor Shamnad Basheer)

 “She was a vibrant fountain of happiness and optimism.” (On Marilyn Smith Gattis)

“He was certainly the most optimistic person I’ve ever met. He always felt like everything was going to work out.” (Jonathan Hafen on Hyrum Smith)

 "Our dad is what I call an oasis of optimism. No matter how bad it was, he wanted you to look at the bright side." (Carl Stewart on Postman "Mr Richard" Richard Stewart Sr.)

"The ultimate optimist, her smile brightened rooms and melted hearts as she touched, then impacted every life that crossed her path." (On Martha Scharbauer Adams)

Sriram Panchu on Ashok Desai: "He was deeply concerned about the grim realities in the country’s politics, economic and social fabric; he yet never gave up hope of change and improvement. I once asked him if his optimism was misplaced. His answer stunned me. “Sriram, optimism is not an option; it is a duty.”

"Her extraordinary love of people radiated from her presence. Her faith and optimism defined her life and fuelled her vibrant spirit. She took great joy in the service of others. She always gave more than she had." (On Gisele Workman Morlan)

"Bea’s genuine optimism defined her lifeShe was a devout Catholic—quietly and privately spiritual." (on Beatrice Sybol Kalka)

"He is remembered most for his perseverance and optimism after his life-altering stroke at age 58 when he lost the use of his dominant side." (On Ronald "Gus" King)

"Brenda tackled each day with unimaginable faith and optimism." (On Brenda Jean White)

"She had an innocent optimism that blessed her with the extraordinary ability to find happiness and peace in everything around her." (A beautiful tribute too Dorothy A. Hunt of Northborough)

"She will be remembered for her jolly, optimistic , and open-minded spirit. Connie was always a ray of sunshine and extended warmth and understanding to everyone she met." (On Connie Holly)

“Jerry was a real believer in God and in the goodness and potential of his fellow man, a super optimist every day of his life, always happy, always positive, always encouraging and loving others.“ (On Jerry Tapp)

"We will all vividly remember Megan, who has left us many years too early, for her abundant talents, resolute independence, stubborn optimism, humility and kindness." (On Megan Flynn)

"Millie was an inspiration on so many levels, from the surface of the earth to the low-earth orbit.  She infused every conversation with compassion, optimism, energy, humor, and an un-shakable confidence that a solution could be found." (Dr Aenor Sawyer on astronaut Millie Hughes-Fulford)

“surprisingly humble, warm, friendly and caring, and relentlessly optimistic.” (AMEC CEO Warren Pearce on IGO CEO Peter Bradford)

"Norma ran her race well. Despite many years of living with pain, Norma was joyful, optimistic, and filled with hope, love and life." (On Norma Ziegler)

"As the ultimate optimist, Jerry lived by the motto that "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade;" and he instilled that belief in all of those around him." (On Jerry Segal (Gerald S Segal)

On Nelson Mandela: "Mandela’s relentless optimism and struggle for human rights and freedom are a source of inspiration for all" 

On Keith Baity: "No challenge could diminish his capacity for cheer and kindness. He greeted each day and each new acquaintance with a sense of adventure, curiosity, and optimism."

"To those who knew him, Bud always had a smile and a handshake whenever he would greet someone.  He had a kind heart and enjoyed helping people succeed in life.  He was genuinely interested in people’s lives and well-being.  A mentor and good friend to many, he was an example of integrity and optimism."  (On Alvin Bud Anderson)

 Eternal Optimists

 “His eternal optimism, kindness and competitiveness inspired us always to reach higher.” (Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents and Chairman Tucker Link on T. Boone Pickins)

"I called him my eternal optimist. He just had that glow, and he affected everyone he came in contact with." (Matt Patrick on his late son-in-law Grant Fisher)

 "He was an eternal optimist who prioritized faith and family, which infused his life with meaning and purpose.” (On John Braxton Gaither)

"This visionary, endlessly resourceful, energetic, powerfully persuasive and eternally optimistic woman was my personal friend and fruitful journalistic source for over 25 years. Remembered universally for her gentle smile – approachable and unintimidating – she was loved and respected by countless people in many different fields." (Barbara Chandler on Dieneke Ferguson)

 Infectious Optimists

"Maxine had a strong faith in the Lord, which was demonstrated by her infectious optimism, love of people, and joy for life." (On Maxine Gail Hunter)

"Everyone who knew Clara Cicogna Presutti remembers her brilliant smile, her endless energy, and her infectious optimism. She told many, “You can do whatever you put your mind to!” (On Clara Presutti)

 “He had a generous spirit with infectious optimism. His influence will remain in the lives of those who knew him.” (On James Winston Hayes)














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