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Optimistic Thoughts to Guide us by: Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo


by Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo

Faith heals!

Faith exudes excitement and enthusiasm that makes a person feel optimistic. Medical studies reveal that optimistic patients heal better and faster than depressed patients.

Optimism has some force that burns out infection, while depression increases the possibility of infection by at least tenfold.

Sick people with confident, optimistic attitude have that strange power over illnesses. Optimism and faith are significant elements to achieving good health.

Medical science and the science of faith are vital elements in healing: They are powerful factors in overcoming sickness and establishing good health!

Visualise yourself or your loved one in perfect health, radiant with love and goodness of God. Let this picture of health sink in.

Nine-tenths of the mind is in the subconscious. What we believe and picture in our subconscious is what we usually get!

Make your faith control your subconscious, for it only gives back what your real thoughts are. Just like a computer, what you put into it is what comes out!

The affirmative faith, fuelled by God’s assuring love releases deep spiritual power and joy.

Joy, by itself, possesses healing power. Keep the faith. Be joyful!

Peace, good health, safety and abundance for us all!

May 2020

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