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An Optimist can always Find a Way: Divya Sri Hari

A Poem by Divya Sri Hari 

What is life but a journey filled with peaks and troughs?
Optimism provides that ray of hope so you can come through

Worries and fears tend to remove the strength of today
An optimist can always find a way

Problems at times can seem to throttle
Only an optimist can march on with mettle

Optimism does not cling to past failures to project the path and successes of the future.

Neither is it worth it to look at closed doors for too long
Optimism propels us to move on and finish strong

A pessimist may sometimes be right, but one can't deny that an optimist always has a better ride.

With a positive outlook, calmly accept and embrace life graciously like a stoic
Muster courage and confidence to take on challenges; that's being optimistic...


Divya Sri Hari is an engineer and an environmentalist trying to do her share in the "fight against plastic pollution."  Victor Perton asked Divya what makes her optimistic, and Divya responded with this poem. 

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