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Kindness and Survival: Dita Gould in Conversation

"What makes me optimistic?  When I hear people give negative answers I see that nothing positive will come of it."

That's what my friend and author Dita Gould told me.

Dita Gould will be speaking at the Stonnington Library, Toorak Road, on Friday, 17th March 2023 at 2 pm.  Register via the City of Stonnington's website.

She will be talking about her book, The Girl in the Lion's Mouth.

It begins with the story of how she survived the Holocaust during the Second World War, separated from her parents as a child in a world of hunger, isolation, and rejection, trying to protect her younger sister while she and her family were being hunted.

Her book covers how she survived by hiding with her sister in a most unlikely place— above the SS headquarters in Budapest. It tells how she and her parents trusted their ‘survival instincts’ when it came to making frightening decisions that could have led to their death as much as to their survival.

From being unrecognisable to her own parents after months of starvation to making dangerous bribes and bold escapes to remain alive, Dita’s memoir details the desperately yet bold actions she and her family members were forced to take in order to stay alive, including their migration to Australia.

Dita Gould’s memoir is a book about kindness and optimism as much as it is about resilience, about how using courage in the face of adversity, and helping others along the way, can lead to some unexpected, even miraculous, results.

Viv Parry, Past Board Director of the Melbourne Holocaust Museum and co-president of Child Survivors of the Holocaust says of Dita, "To know Dita Gould is to understand exactly what a ' Force of Nature " is all about. Dita's homegrown optimism remains unstoppable despite all her family went through in the Holocaust!'


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