Deep-Seated Optimism

Deep-Seated Optimism
By Victor Perton

I read a tweet today by Wade Robichaud commenting on Ernest Shackleton. Wade concluded, "Deep-seated optimism isn't naive; it's the bedrock upon which impossible ventures are built and realized." 

This phrase caught my attention as "Deep-seated Optimism" was not on my list of optimism superpowers, although "Deep Optimism" was. This subtle distinction invited a deeper exploration into deep-seated optimism.

Deep-Seated Optimism: Definition and Characteristics

Deep-seated optimism represents a fundamental belief in positive outcomes that individuals have ingrained within themselves. It is a core aspect of their personality that persists despite external fluctuations.

  • Rooted Belief System: This optimism is not merely a fleeting feeling but a deep-rooted conviction that things will ultimately turn out well, regardless of current difficulties.
  • Resilient in the Face of Challenges: Individuals with this trait maintain a positive outlook even when confronted with setbacks. They view challenges as temporary hurdles that are surmountable, not permanent roadblocks.
  • Expectation of Progress: Such optimists have strong faith not only in favourable outcomes but also in humanity's and the world's capacity to improve and evolve positively over time.

I found an interesting reference by Vidhi Kumar, stating, "The key to resilience is often being able to see across the darkness and just know that there is light. No one will tell you that. It comes from deep-seated optimism, faith, and self-awareness." 

This insight beautifully encapsulates the essence of deep-seated optimism as a source of inner light and guidance through the darkness, underscoring its role in fostering resilience through self-awareness and unwavering faith amid challenges.

Deep-Seated Optimism as a Life Strategy

Shackleton's Embodiment of Optimism

Ernest Shackleton's leadership during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition exemplifies deep-seated optimism. His unyielding resolve and hopeful spirit under dire conditions propelled his crew towards survival and instilled in them a belief in the possibility of their rescue. Shackleton famously asserted, "Optimism is true moral courage," which is particularly resonant for those who adopt this outlook as it equips them to face life's adversities with bravery and a positive spirit.

Practical Implications in Daily Life

For individuals with deep-seated optimism, believing in a brighter future is a powerful force that guides them through difficulties. This form of optimism:

  • Enhances Personal Resilience: At the core of resilience lies optimism, which fundamentally equips individuals to navigate personal and professional challenges more effectively. Deep-seated optimism instils a robust underpinning for resilience, enabling individuals to remain steadfast and hopeful despite setbacks and adversities.
  • Drives Long-term Success: Deep-seated optimism encourages persistence and effort in long-term endeavours, often leading to significant achievements and fulfilment.
  • Promotes Healthier Relationships: A consistently positive outlook helps build and maintain strong, supportive relationships with others.


Deep-seated optimism is a profound, integral belief system that shapes how individuals perceive and engage with the world. It is the bedrock upon which they build their lives and realize what may seem to others as impossible ventures.

Whether through legendary explorers like Shackleton or everyday individuals facing their daily lives, deep-seated optimism helps overcome obstacles and achieve one's goals.

Embracing and fostering deep-seated optimism can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and lead to a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. This enduring, resilient belief in the potential for good outcomes, even in challenging circumstances, makes deep-seated optimism a superpower in its own right.

What's Your Optimism Superpower?

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