The Dalai Lama on Optimism

I attended the Dalai Lama in Audience with Action for Happiness (2021)

The Dalai Lama told us, "A more optimistic attitude is key to the care of teenagers and children through this pandemic.  A pessimistic attitude is very bad.  Helping children to stay hopeful and still optimistic despite the difficulties is very important."

The Dalai Lama also said that whenever he meets people, he smiles!

 Dalai Lama speaking to United States Institute of Peace Youth Leaders in 2016

"Be optimistic. It is quite sure whenever we start some good work with sincere motivation; obstacles are bound to happen. Then, there is a danger that we lose hope and become pessimistic. That is real failure if we lose our hope and conviction. "I can not do. I can not do it. I can not do." That's real failure. No matter how difficult it is, we should be more optimistic in attitude. That's my own experience through these difficult decades. I always keep that optimism."


Dalai Lama to University of California San Diego Commencement 2017

“As a result of your dedicated studies you are receiving your degrees today. I congratulate you. Now you should think of how you will use the knowledge you’ve gained, not to make problems for others, but to create peace. What will make a difference is warm-heartedness. You’ll need determination and optimism, will-power and self-confidence. It’s my experience that a warm-hearted concern for others strengthens our confidence.”

Dalai Lama, Minneapolis, 2014

“There is no other choice.  An optimistic attitude, not foolishly, but holistically, is a major factor to keep your mind fresh. Even your physical health benefits. So if you want to die soon, then meditate on pessimism.”







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