Does Canada tend toward a restrained optimism at the best of times?

"As a Canadian, in a country that tends toward restrained optimism at the best of times, I have witnessed the deep-seated belief that mental health impacts of the pandemic will endure far beyond the physical impacts."

So wrote Coralee Pringle-Nelson in a 2020 essay "A time for 'tragic optimism'?"

Is Canada a country "that tends toward restrained optimism at the best of times"?

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Peter Findlay wrote about "A restrained optimism in Canada’s oil sands"

I asked ChatGPT about Coralee's assertion:

"She is referring to a cultural tendency in Canada towards caution and moderation in expressing optimism or positive emotions.

"This idea of restrained optimism is not unique to Canada and has been identified by researchers as a cultural trait in many countries, including some Nordic and East Asian cultures. It is characterized by a tendency to value prudence and moderation, and to be sceptical of overly positive or exaggerated claims. This can manifest as a reluctance to express strong emotions, including both positive and negative ones.

"In the Canadian context, this trait has been linked to the country's history and geography, including its colonial past, its proximity to the United States, and its natural resources. Some researchers have suggested that the Canadian identity is defined in part by a sense of modesty and humility, which may contribute to a culture of restrained optimism."

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