Move toward the World we Optimistically Envision: Vance Morgan

"Justice. Mercy. Humility. These are things we can do, and in doing so can move toward the world we optimistically envision. Let us cultivate our garden."

Very nice conclusion by Professor Vance Morgan in an essay, "How is your Optimism Doing These Days?"

Vance tells us he likes "economist Paul Romer’s idea of “conditional optimism.” He explains: “Complacent optimism is the feeling of a child waiting for presents. Conditional optimism is the feeling of a child who is thinking about building a treehouse: ‘If I get some wood and nails and persuade some other kids to help do the work, we can end up with something really cool.’” Pangloss’ optimism throughout Candide has been complacent, while Candide has come to something akin to conditional optimism. Things are more likely to work out for the best when we are clear about what we need to be actively doing to make it so."

On the other hand. Sister Shivani of the Brahma Kumaris told me, "Unconditional Optimism is the Soul of your Faith"


Worth Reading: "All Shall be Well"





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