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meditations centered around compassion can enhance optimism and positivity

"meditations centered around compassion can enhance optimism"

"Researchers have also found that meditations centered around compassion can enhance optimism and positivity, heighten stress immunityincreased activation in brain regions associated with bonding, and reduce PTSD symptoms." so says Vishen Lakhiani in an article entitled "This is the No. 1 trait that keeps you "younger" and "more attractive" to others, say psychologists"

Ancient meditation practices like the “Loving Kindness” meditation and related compassion meditations are particularly beneficial. Compassion meditation strengthens the connection between the prefrontal cortex and the brain’s circuits for optimism, joy and happiness.  The benefits are apparent right from the beginning of meditation practice and they increase with time spent.

A recently published study of college students by Birgit Koopmann-Holm found compassion meditation to be the most effective in fostering optimism.






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