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The beauty of God's Creation makes me Optimistic: Chris Quilpa

"The beauty of God's creation makes me optimistic."

That's what Chris A. Quilpa told me when I asked him what makes him optimistic.  I wrote to Chris after reading his excellent column, "Adieu 2022, welcome 2023 with hope and optimism."

Chris responded to my question, "What makes you optimistic?"

"What makes me optimistic, you asked. Amidst the chaos and turmoil, unpleasant, unexpected events in the world that deeply affect lives (economically, socially, physically, mentally, and even politically), the beauty of God's creation makes me optimistic.

"This beauty of God's creation (man's good mind, body and soul) is basically or intrinsically evident in man's goodness and power to do things for himself/herself and the whole of humanity. Guided by his faith in and love and appreciation of the Creator or the Almighty God, man's power to do good and to influence others to do good is what makes me optimistic. 

 "Despite all the anguish and pains man encounters as he tries to manage and overcome them throughout his life's journey, the positive attitude, motivation and belief of man that God is with him are what makes me optimistic.

"Despite all the negativity, bad attitudes, desperations, frustrations, and hardships he encounters along the way as he tries to live his life civilly and decently, without violating the laws of God and the land where he lives or resides, he continues to be optimistic by not giving up easily, fighting to solve problems and to make a difference, keeping on fighting till the end of his last breath. 

 "Faith in God's goodness and love and his firm belief that God is with him in all he does is what makes him optimistic. Likewise, man's ability and capability to accept and overcome changes, challenges and obstacles, with God guiding and loving him always, makes me optimistic.

 "Being a catalyst of change (for the better) and reform (for the good of all) is what makes me optimistic, like you and what you do, Victor."

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