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What makes Charlie Hogg Optimistic?

April 2020 The Optimism Cafe: Charlie Hogg in Conversation on Spiritual Solutions to these Critical Times with an Optimism Meditation.

I asked Charlie Hogg "What makes you optimistic?



Charlie responded, "If I reflect quite deeply about that question, I don't think it's external things that make me optimistic. I don't take my cues from certain things outside of myself, but if I really reflect deeply, it's probably what I consider the foundation of life or a quality life, which is my relationship with myself, in the sense that I often feel that's the first relationship in life. And when that relationship is healthy, it influences your physical health, your relationships, and inevitably that intrinsic internal feeling, just that vibe you hold in that sacred space of your mind, just how you feel. And if it's healthy, you tend to have a more positive outlook, and I would say a resilience to the inevitable issues and circumstances that every single one of us faces every single day of our lives today, which is so crucial, because if this relationship is unhealthy, once again, I think it influences each corner of my life, my relationships with others, and definitely that feeling.

And to me, this first relationship then creates my lens on the world. I look at the world through a lens, and my perception is my reality. And as we all know, maybe some can be naively optimistic, but I think it can be optimistic and realistic at the same time. But unfortunately sometimes, if that first relationship with me is not so healthy, the lens can be extremely pessimistic and almost no matter what happens, you'll read into it some not-so-positive result. And so I think personally at the heart of spirituality anyway is this wonderful journey of learning fundamentally who I am and reconnecting to that more positive part of myself. When that's there, I tend to feel no matter what the external circumstance, that you can maintain a healthy attitude, a positive attitude."





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