What makes us Optimistic is the Disruption We See: By Edgington

"It may sound odd, but what makes us optimistic is the disruption we see. Change is always characterized by disruption and social discomfort, yet we always emerge better, fairer, more equitable for it. And oddly, more optimistic!"
That's what By Edgington told me when I asked him what makes him optimistic.
Byron and Mariah  Edgington "were given a ‘Mandate to Elevate’ others to raise people up to be their best selves. With today’s life challenges, their message of hope, affirmation, and recovery resonates more than ever, elevating every audience they address."
They are the authors of Journey Well; You Are More Than Enough,  (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose & Love of Yourself & Life.
We met through supporting The Art and Science of Joy's Year of Joy.
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 I asked By about the positive leaders who have inspired him.  By told me, "The positive leaders/bosses that have inspired me are numerous. I'd start with Mariah, actually. Because of her neurodivergence, and her focus on mindset and positivity, I've learned to pay strict attention to her intuitions. Next, Michelle Obama. Her ability to shine despite her husband's own brilliance has always inspired me."
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