Bruno Roque Cignacco on The Art of Compassionate Business and Optimism

Dr Bruno Roque Cignacco is the author of "The Art of Compassionate Business - Main Principles for the Human-Oriented Enterprise." Bruno  joined us in a conversation moderated by Victor Perton and Babette Bensoussan, PCC, MP-ELI, MBA, The Decision-Making Maverick™


What did Bruno tell me when I asked him what makes him optimistic?

Bruno told us, "Well, what made me optimistic, what makes me optimistic is very simple. 

"From the business perspective, because I'm a business consultant, I observe companies with a much more positive approach to caring for different stakeholders. They not only care for customers, who are the ones generating profit, but they also care for employees. They have a positive approach in the workplace, and they care for other stakeholders. They care for the planet, they care for suppliers developing win-win agreements, and they also care for any other potential stakeholders that could be directly or indirectly related to the company.

"I observe a new generation of companies that adopt a profit-oriented approach, which means economic results, and focus on the triple bottom line approach. They focus on profits, which are very important for business survival, and they focus on people.

"This means focusing on human beings, customers, people with legitimate, emotional, mental, economic, and social needs, and all other stakeholders like employees, suppliers, business partners, and the community. They also care for the planet, so they have a sustainable approach. They have a long-term view that implies that this company wants to leave a better world for future generations.

"So this is a much more positive view of business instead of being only profit-oriented. Why? Because if you're only profit-oriented, in some cases, you can obtain profit by all means, polluting the environment, manipulating customers, and taking advantage of employees. I see a new generation of companies that are continually increasing, which gives me a very optimistic view of the business world."


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