Joy is the Sunshine of the Soul, and Optimism its Rainbow: Brad Riley

"Joy is the sunshine of the soul, and optimism its rainbow. Together, they light up the darkness of life's storms and remind us that hope is always on the horizon. Without joy and optimism, life can feel like a never-ending winter. Embrace them both, and you'll find that the world is a much more colourful and beautiful place."

That's what Brad Riley told me when I asked him about the connection between optimism and joy as w

Brad Riley is the infectiously optimistic founder and managing director of Infostatus; Enterprise Business Intelligence and Information Management Leader whose comments on joy and optimism are uplifting!

When asked what makes him optimistic, Brad said, “What makes me optimistic? If we choose to progress, to make change, and we hold that change up as something positive for others, then it stands to reason others would do the same - that makes me incredibly optimistic.”

 The year of Joy, to my delight, opens with the Superpower of Optimism. 

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