Artificial Intelligence - Optimism and Opportunity with Mathias Sundin

Artificial Intelligence - Optimism and Opportunity

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are two competing narratives: one is dystopian, promoting fear, and the other is optimistic, emphasizing opportunity.

Our upcoming Zoom conversation titled "AI Optimism and Opportunity" with Mathias Sundin, known as "The Angry Optimist," delves into this dichotomy. Mathias, acclaimed by Tom Skalak as a world-leading futurist, is a key figure in the realm of AI and futuristic thinking.

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AI Optimism and Opportunity with Mathias Sundin via Humanitix
AI Optimism and Opportunity with Mathias Sundin via Zoom

As a member of Sweden's AI Commission led by Carl-Henric Svanberg, Mathias Sundin will offer his unique insights on their mission to boost Swedish competitiveness in AI.

This commission exemplifies Sweden's dedication to embracing AI and leading in its development.

Victor Perton will steer our discussion, focusing on topics like the anticipations for AI in 2024, the sources of optimism surrounding AI, and Mathias’s contributions to the Swedish AI Commission.

This conversation is particularly relevant in light of similar global AI initiatives.


For instance, Australia has demonstrated its commitment to AI development. Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science, recognizes AI’s potential in enhancing productivity, a critical weakness of Australia's contemporary economy.

The Australian Government’s $17 million investment in the Artificial Intelligence Adopt Program, aimed at establishing AI Adopt Centres, marks a significant step in the desire to incorporated the benefits of AI into Australian businesses.

Moreover, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's recent agreement with Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella underscores Australia's intention to implement generative AI safely and responsibly in public services. A collaborative effort with Microsoft, through the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), is part of a strategic plan to augment the efficiency of the Australian Public Service, aligning with a global trend of using AI for the public good, emphasising safety and responsibility.

Despite the presence of dystopian fears, many nations, including Sweden and Australia, are illustrating a more optimistic, opportunity-based view of AI. They are actively embracing AI, underscored by strategic partnerships and investments, signifying a commitment to leveraging this technology for a more efficient, productive, and innovative future. This dichotomy in the AI narrative reflects the broader perception of technology as either a harbinger of disruption or a catalyst for positive transformation. Join us for this enlightening discussion on AI’s future, where we explore the realms of both optimistic realism and the vast possibilities AI presents.

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