Rhythms of Life Make the Intentional Optimist Andrea Johnson Optimistic

"What makes me optimistic? The rhythms of life. These prove over and over again, that there is a cycle in place for everything. For example seasons, months, weeks, days... each of these are a reminder that we live in a world built on the cycle of birth, growth, decline, decay, renewal and rebirth. I find it to be the most comforting truth I know."

The wisdom of Andrea Johnson, the Intentional Optimist, shared with me when I asked what makes Andrea optimistic.

I asked Andrea what makes her feel optimistic. 

Andrea told me, "Something as simple as a sunrise, and as complex as reconciliation between two people. Every example proves the possibilities for good outcomes are real, and I live to find them."

I asked Andrea about the positive leaders who have inspired her.  Andrea named:

John C. Maxwell - author
Brendon Burchard - author
My Mom - Judy McEachern
Jen Hatmaker - author, podcaster
Taylor Ver - business coach
Pam Sherman - fitness coach



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