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Being Optimistic Essential for those Who want to Manifest

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"Being optimistic is also essential for those who want to learn to manifest. However, the practice of manifestation is not just thinking things into existence but rather having fine-tuned goals and implementing steps to achieve these goals every day. Manifesting is when we use an optimistic outlook and implement practical tools and measures to achieve our goals or desires."

So writes Amanda Jane Modaragamage, RPN, in an essay "The Science of Manifestation."

Amanda goes on, " Optimistic vs manifesting – the difference: Being optimistic is having the attitude that the outcome of a specific goal or project will be excellent or desirable. There is no action behind being optimistic other than the fundamental assumption or hope that the result is positive. In a study on optimism, researchers studied non-optimistic, optimistic, and highly optimistic people and observed them while they invested in the stock market. Surprisingly, those who were highly optimistic and invested in higher-risk stocks ultimately produced poorer results than those with mid-line optimism, who were more careful in their investment choices and quite possibly used practical tools to help aid in their decisions."

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