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The Centre for Optimism

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The History of The Centre for Optimism

Our founder Victor Perton had been working globally as a trade and investment commissioner and then as an adviser to the Australian G20 presidency.  Everywhere he went there was a positive reaction to his Australian character and story.  Moving back to Australia he was bewildered by the negativity towards leadership in a country with one of the world's highest standards of living.

Rather than complain about the complainers, Victor established The Australian Leadership Project to explore the traits of Australian leadership.  After many interviews and shared research, Victor and the team concluded the leadership was pretty good from small business to NGOs to government.  So why the negativity?

​Victor's 'aha' moment came at the Global Integrity Summit - it's a fog of pessimism.

​The research shows that optimism is the underpinning of longevity, good health, resilience, strategy and innovation.  Yet there is a global mood of pessimism.

Victor's question to others on this evolved to become "What makes you Optimistic?"

Questions to Victor revolved around, "How do I become more optimistic?" and "I'm an optimist but am belittled for being so."

​Victor developed a series of workshops which he delivered in universities, companies, community groups, government departments and even prisons (for prisoners and managers).

​The idea of the Centre for Optimism is to build and empower a global community of optimistic people to ask that question of those around them - "What makes you optimistic?"

​The idea of The Centre for Optimism is to help deliver the materials and tools to enable anyone to become a more infectiously optimistic leader.  We believe the leader looks like the person in your mirror.

​A community of people who are action-orientated and able to infuse others with optimism for the future.

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