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A Million Voices of Optimism

We ask people "What makes you Optimistic?"   One of our strategic goals is to stimulate and collect one million voices of optimism.

In this blog collection of optimism on the way to "A Million Voices of Optimism," members and subscribers of The Centre for Optimism can post what makes them optimistic and the answers from people they have asked. 

If you want to contribute to this valuable global resource, please email our COO Victor Perton for a free subscription or support our work by joining as a member.

  • Monday, February 14, 2022 6:22 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    "If you’re naturally #optimistic and smiley, you may already be #spreading your infectious positivity and making the world a better place. But rather than leaving this powerful gift to chance, maybe it’s time to be more conscious of your behaviours. Perhaps it’s time to deliberately choose the version of you that you want the world to see," writes Reen Rose in "Ways to make the world a better place"

  • Thursday, February 10, 2022 7:23 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

  • Sunday, January 30, 2022 6:53 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Martha Leticia Aguirre Quintero on Practices for learning to be optimistic

    According to the psychologist, “an optimistic person has a different cognitive style, a different way of interpreting life situations”. And he adds that, to develop the ability of optimism and generate positive thoughts, there are some techniques derived from cognitive therapy that can be incorporated into everyday life from simple practices.

    One of these practices, teaches Martha, is to write down negative thoughts and, at the same time, “a positive thought that can counter these ideas”, because the tendency of pessimistic thinking is to anticipate the worst. He explains that “it is important to learn to identify these negative thoughts and to acquire the ability to debate them”, so that “we acquire awareness of this style of thinking” so that we can easily identify them when they arise and generate positive affirmations of them. situations.

    Another best practice is proper management of emotions. “We can carry out practices to cultivate positive emotions, one of these practices can be gratitude and appreciation of beauty”, exemplifies Martha. These practices encourage new skills, she says, because “learning to identify good things that happened in our day can also help us change negative emotions and the way we look at situations and change our interpretations of situations” .

    The teacher says that these practices help in learning new skills: identifying good things that happened throughout the day helps to change negative emotions and the way of looking at situations, modifying interpretations of the situations experienced. “Looking with self-compassion, seeing the good in our daily lives, living and enjoying the present moment”, he adds.

  • Saturday, January 29, 2022 9:04 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Optimism: For many this was in short supply in 2020, but 2021 seemed to open the door slightly to the possibility of optimism. And while 2021 was still filled with uncertainty, it seemed to turn a corner and give us the sense that we could be hopeful again. And nowhere was this seen more than in the arts.

  • Saturday, January 29, 2022 8:48 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Writing in the @NewTimesRwandaJoan Mbabazi writes, "There is no doubt that being more #grateful more often makes us #happier and more #optimistic, yet #gratitude requires no money, and less time."

  • Saturday, January 29, 2022 8:28 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    "culture of optimism"

    John W. Cummings at Texas Capital Bank said he has "been very impressed with the Bank’s culture of #optimism and am excited to be a part of the journey.”

  • Saturday, January 29, 2022 8:19 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    "Choosing optimism is one of the most powerful things we can take into 2022. Your business and future self richly deserve it!"

    These 5 strategies can help you continue to be optimistic, serve as role models for your employees, and ultimately thrive in the coming year, no matter what it brings.

    1. Practice Empathy: Titans of industry aren’t generally known for empathy given the competitive nature of business, but in this market, still struggling with the pandemic, positioning yourself as someone who is willing to listen and understand the challenges of others will make you stand out. During “The Great Resignation,” the number one reason that drove many employees to their breaking point at a rate three or even more than other factors such as fears about job security and the failure to recognize an employee’s job performance, and a bad company response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a toxic corporate culture. It is critical to practice empathy not only with your employees – but also with your senior colleagues, your suppliers, and your business partners. Right now, employees seek a management culture that is willing to hear them out – and accommodate their needs if it’s reasonable and possible. Otherwise, they are at genuine risk to walk out. Show you are a leader who is committed to dialing up your emotional intelligence, willing to listen to input and concerns.
    2. Model Optimism:  While there is really nothing normal about the world we’re managing right now, the good news is, people are getting used to it. Help them navigate the shifting tides by modelling your optimism in all you say and do. Let them learn, by your example, how they too become opportunists in a time of major change, by not letting the change overwhelm them with negative thoughts and worries.  Be sure you are reassuring and positive in all your communications with them, allowing them to see you as a beacon of light in these uncertain times.
    3. Make Bold Decisions: When it comes to making strategic business moves in this environment, it might seem like a good time to be cautious, to evaluate all the options, or wait to see where “the chips fall” before moving ahead. Don’t let these uncertain times throw you into decision paralysis. Let your positivity lead the process and be recognized for your decisiveness.  If it ultimately turns out to be a poor decision, changing it and heading in a new direction will not be chastised. Standing still will be.
    4. Keep it Human — The pandemic has streamlined the normalization of many digital solutions that might otherwise have taken a few years to become a standard component of commerce.  We’re talking AI, big data, and automation here.  They’re all great tools that will radically change how businesses operate for the better, but in the rush to adopt these tools, don’t forget to maintain the human part of your relationships. As you automate more, don’t forget the very real emotional needs of your employees and customers. Build in consumer and employee facing initiatives the reassure them there are still human values backing the enterprise.
    5. Evolve as a Leader – It’s tempting to believe many of the radical changes we have made because of the pandemic are short lived and temporary.  For the most part, they are not.  Don’t live in false help that once we’re through this crisis, we can get back to the pre-pandemic leadership habits that originally defined our careers.  You’ve show you can pivot and adapt to the pandemic.  Now show everyone that you have truly evolved with the times as well – by integrating these changes into your leadership makeup.

  • Wednesday, January 19, 2022 8:10 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

    Michael Volkov, CEO at The Volkov Group in his essay "2022 Ethics and Compliance Predictions"

    "Forgive me for my optimism.  It is the only way to live a meaningful life.  Or as some would say – being a pessimist is too much of a burden.  "We begin a New Year — and I am optimistic. To turn the corner here on relevance, ethics and compliance professionals, are by definition, optimists."

  • Tuesday, October 19, 2021 1:45 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

  • Tuesday, October 19, 2021 1:44 PM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

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