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Wajeeha Bilal on Pakistan

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 6:50 AM | Victor Perton (Administrator)

"The dream of our great nation was built on morality and optimism. Our founding fathers believed that an independent state was a true hope of opportunity for the struggling Muslims of the subcontinent. A dream of a separate homeland brought hope that we shall rise despite our difficulties. Political struggles in Pakistan continue to be scarred by world politics and regional instability. Mohammad Ali Jinnah had envisioned a democratic Pakistan but Pakistan faces the inevitable task of setting up government priorities alongside sustaining its regional demographics....

Our collective optimism has been a powerful force for our achievements. We have struggled through our turbulent history but the main obstacles in our survival lie ahead of us. Our country is a developing one that requires proper plans and implementation not only in politics but other organisations as well. It survives daily struggles against corruption in different fields. Regardless of the regional turbulence, political turmoil and instability, Pakistanis are a hardworking nation that sustains a great culture and optimism for their independent land. Our hope and courage shield us from the international conflicts and regional instability. Whether it’s our daily endeavours to excel in different fields or our prayers to elevate our artists and athletes during competitions, all the efforts lead the way to move on and celebrate every Independence Day with an enthusiasm that defies all the negativity...

"There is no better way to celebrate our Independence Day than by doing what we can with optimism, in our own fields for the existence and prosperity of our country. Pakistan’s existence and survival rests above all conspiracies and conflicts, for to lose hope in any way about our homeland would mean a war against all those who dreamed and sacrificed for Pakistan."

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