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A New Optimistic National Narrative: The Next Steps (Zoom Meeting)

  • Wednesday, July 27, 2022
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Zoom (Link on Registration)
  • 95



What's the biggest challenge for the Albanese Government Cabinet? First, implement Prime Minister Albanese's Vision and Commitment to an optimistic Australia and an optimistic Government.

 On election eve, Mr Albanese said, "I want a country where hope and optimism are the major emotions projected from our national government to the Australian people."

 The Prime Minister's call reflected The Centre for Optimism's research, leading to its "New Optimistic National Narrative" shared with the parties last year.

Our research over five years shows Australia want a positive, optimistic national narrative. They want stories of hope and optimism, not fear, dissension and discord. Our global stereotype is that of an optimistic people; the Prime Minister is right to want to make the reality meet the image.

At his home doorstep before heading to Canberra to be sworn in, Mr Albanese said, "I want to lead a government that has the same sentiment of optimism and hope that defines the Australian people. I want to be positive and channel the opportunity we have to shape change, so we bring people with us on the journey of change."

 In his victory speech on Saturday, the PM said: "I want to seek our common purpose and promote unity and not fear and optimism, not fear and division."

 The Centre had a very positive response from political parties and candidates with its Framing a New Optimistic National Narrative.

 We now call on the government to adopt the narrative to 'turn the page' for the nation.

 We believe we can advance the nation and help make Australia a better place for everyone. Most importantly, we want to help the government reverse the 20-year decline in optimism amongst Australians, accompanied by the rapid increase in anxiety and depression.

 The Centre will update the Framing document taking into account the election results and the new government structures.

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