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What's Good Australian Leadership for the 2020s?

  • Tuesday, November 30, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


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This is an informal gathering led by Robert Masters to discuss an update of the Australian Leadership Project and to gauge interest in participation and leadership of the project.  As you may recall, The Centre for Optimism is the result of the research by the Australian Leadership Project. 

In the Project we asked about the unique qualities of Australian leadership and people who exemplified those qualities.  Based on our interviews and research and research shared by global leadership experts, we concluded the qualities that distinguish an Australian leader are egalitarianism, self-effacing humour and plain speaking.  We also concluded the leadership is relatively good but obscured by a fog of pessimism in Australia.  Since then we have been working on the basis that the need of the 2020s is for "realistic and infectiously optimistic" leadership.

In preparation for the meeting, we'd love you to have a look at our summary of the Survey we have been conducting since November 2021 "What's Australian Leadership in the 2020s?"  They are the same questions we asked 5 years ago so will give us a good comparison post-pandemic.

What's Good Australian Leadership for the 2020s?

If you haven't taken the 5-minute survey, please take the time.

Please take the Survey: What's Australian Leadership in the 2020s?

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